Shani O. Hilton

Answering questions from Janelle Monae’s new song “Q.U.E.E.N.”

And we just came to act a fool, is that all right?


Is it peculiar that she twerk in the mirror?


Am I a freak for getting down?


And is it true we insane?

probably not.

And tell me what’s the price of fame?

well, it depends on how you deal with celebrity.

Am I a sinner with my skirt on the ground?


Am I a freak for dancing around?

in today’s society, people who don’t dance are considered freaks.

Am I a freak for getting down?

no, unless you consider Kool & The Gang “freaks”

Hey brother, can you save my soul from the devil?

the metaphysical is not my strong point.

Say is it weird to like the way she wear her tights?

depends on if she’s wearing them in a weird way. but if you’re referring to the fact that you’re attracted to a woman in tights, then nope, not weird. sexuality is fluid.

And is it rude to wear my shades?


Am I a freak because I love watching Mary?

seems doubtful.

Hey sister am I good enough for your heaven?

seems like that’s not up to me.

Say will your God accept me in my black and white?

why not?

Will he approve the way I’m made?


Or should I reprogram the reprogramming, get down?

getting down is always a good idea.

Are we a lost generation of our people?

this seems like a slightly oversimplified question.

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